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Alternate Posting Location: Viral Radio Traffic

A Baltimore City EMS provider attracted widespread social media attention for his response to a dispatcher request to return to service. “For the third time, we told you we are out of service,” an EMT says, repeating himself on a recording of Baltimore City Fire Department radio traffic. “I am completely prepared to tell my […]

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EMS Tips – 50 states join FirstNet – Ben Franklin’s Song

1. All 50 states opt in to FirstNet All 50 states, two territories and Washington, D.C. opted into the FirstNet network before the 12/31/17 deadline. In the current age of hyper-partisanship and strong belief in local practices this is a remarkable accomplishment and sign of good things to come for FirstNet. “With every state saying […]

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Facebook: Power for EMS Good or a Nefarious Tool for Evil?

In preparation for the Pinnacle EMS 2016 conference I wrote this article: How to use Facebook to announce an EMS LODD A LODD is unpredictable, but like any other low-frequency, high-consequence incidents, pre-planning is critical to how your department will communicate with personnel and to the public. My ideas on using Facebook for LODD notification  are […]

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How to Buy Guides for

I have been writing a series of  “How to Buy Guides” for Here are links to a few of those articles: How to Buy EMS Apparel and Accessories How to Buy Books How to Buy EMS Satellite Communications How to Buy EMS Sirens How to Buy EMS Scheduling Software How to Buy ePCR software […]

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Intexicated while Driving the Ambulance

Earlier this week I scolded my partner for reading a text message while driving the ambulance which reminded me of this excellent article where I first read the term “Intexicated.” Intexicated is a generic term to describe any form of distraction while driving – reading, eating, texting, and talking on the phone or radio. As […]

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Bounce Back: Recovering from Difficult Calls

As an emergency dispatcher, I have heard a wide variety of rescue calls. The worst calls, the ones that cause my immediate increased pulse rate and surge in adrenaline, are the ones involving children. Some of my most memorable calls are for infants that are pulseless non-breathers. I recently had a call for five month […]

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Use the 3 R's to Locate the Incident

Ambulance 311: Respond to US Highway 71 for a two-car accident unknown injuries. Ambulance 311: Callers are reporting this is in the northbound lanes near State Highway 175. Ambulance 311: Additional callers are now stating that the accident is in the southbound lanes. Ambulance 311: Our last caller reports the vehicles are actually on State […]


5 Reasons to have a List of EMS Agency Website Visitors

How many visitors come to your EMS agency’s website? Who are those people? Can you email them when you update your website with news, staff promotions, or injury prevention tips? Certainly an up-to-date website is important, but having an ongoing relationship with your website visitors is even more important. Building a list of website visitors […]