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Videos: Learn CPR from the University of Washington

During the holiday season you will likely have lots of opportunities to be with friends and families that don’t have CPR training. Encourage them to get training, download an app, and or watch videos. The University of Washington has a set of LearnCPR videos you can view and download. Infant CPR Infant CPR Video Infant […]

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Posts Outside the Service Area January 2013: Always Opportunities to Learn More

I will be the Wisconsin EMS Association meeting this weekend in the great city of Milwaukee. If you are there look for me at the CentreLearn booth (#110), in the general sessions, or at the Milwaukee Admirals game Friday night. The world famous University of Wisconsin Varsity Band is playing at the Admirals game so […]

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Bounce Back: Recovering from Difficult Calls

As an emergency dispatcher, I have heard a wide variety of rescue calls. The worst calls, the ones that cause my immediate increased pulse rate and surge in adrenaline, are the ones involving children. Some of my most memorable calls are for infants that are pulseless non-breathers. I recently had a call for five month […]