Posts Outside the Service Area: Reminders and Resources from our Friends

Stephanie Limmer had been posting about her journey through EMT school. In a final post she reminds us that often the most difficult part of EMT or paramedic training is balancing all of the other responsibilities we have outside of class. Sometimes students stay in class way too long, further exacerbating home and work problems, […]

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Video: Flight Paramedics Discuss Risks of Distracted Driving

Two flight paramedics discuss the dangers of distracted driving on a morning news program. This is a great example of how EMS can get involved in injury prevention. How can your service get featured on the local news? I would try some of these things: 1. Pick a topic that is timely and of wide […]

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Video: Pre-Prom Mass Casualty Drill

Do scared straight style MCI demos actually prevent injury and high risk teen behaviors? Does your agency stage a trauma demo at the local high school? What makes it effective (or not)? Did a trauma demo influence or change your behavior (or perhaps spark your interest in EMS)? Look at about the 50 second mark […]

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Injuries: Always a concern for EMS professionals Part 2

In my previous post I talked about using the abdominals. Remember, to use the abdominals and suck in the belly button. Do not push out! This has to be the first muscle group used with all movement. Why are the abdominals important? The body works from the center, out. The abdominals are in the center […]

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Video: Intersection Collisions and Roundabouts

In this video I share some tips about avoiding intersection collisions and my thoughts on why roundabouts are terrific for emergency response vehicles and privately operated vehicles. (also read Tips to Reduce Intersection Collisions) What are your thoughts on roundabouts? ParamedicTV is powered by

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Encounters on the Road (part 2): Shoveling Tips Video

I drove by as this video on shoveling tips was being filmed by an Affinity Health physical therapist. Three thoughts: 1. They were filming with a Flip UltraHD Camcorder (Amazon Link). Considering the falling snow and outdoor setting the picture quality and sound pick-up are excellent. 2. At the 1:38 mark in the video you […]

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Innovative Falls Prevention Program Approach and Recommendations from Alameda County EMS

Importance of Falls Prevention Falls prevention among geriatric patients takes a coalition of EMS professionals, public health officials, injury prevention specialists, hospital staff, patient personal physicians, pharmacists, exercise specialists, and more. I recently discussed prevention and program design with Colleen Campbell, Senior Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Alameda County Public Health Department Emergency Medical Services. […]

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8 Things to Tweet About

During a conversation this week – face to face – with an Everyday EMS Tip reader asked me about what he should be tweeting about. Like many EMS professionals he has established a personal social media presence and is also considering a social media strategy for an organization that he coordinates. As a regular Twitter […]

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National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 18-24, 2009

Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death for teenagers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2007, over 4000 teens in the United States died as a result of injuries incurred from motor vehicle accidents. How can you help prevent injuries and accidents with teenagers? As a parent, relative, friend, […]

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Fall Prevention Week Tips

Our patient was on the floor in the hallway and simply could not get himself up. He didn’t think he was hurt and we could not find any injuries. A few minutes later he was back in his chair and refusing transport. Fall calls are common for EMS professionals. They also are risky because they […]