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Multiple Choice Question Writing: Bloom's Taxonomy

In the 1950s Benjamin Bloom led a group of psychologists to develop Bloom’s Taxonomy, a classification of the levels of learning. The taxonomy is a pyramid; the basic and bottom level of learning is knowledge. Building up, learners are expected at the next levels to apply, analyze, synthesize and finally evaluate the information they have […]

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Multiple Choice Quiz Writing: Terminology

As with anything, quiz question writing has its own set of jargon. Stem – The question. Avoid negative in the stem. “Which of the terms is NOT important?” Match your stems to your objectives. List the objectives on the assessment and write questions for each objective. Write clear and concise stems that the learner should […]

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Teach your Child to Communicate with 911 Dispatcher

We have all heard the stories of the heroic young child who saved his mother’s life by calling 911 and telling the dispatcher what was happening. But how do we teach our own child to be that hero in an emergency? 1.┬áTeach your child how to use your phone. Show the child how to dial […]

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Talking to a Person in Crisis

As a 911 dispatcher my theory on talking to anyone in crisis is simple: if you’re talking, you’re alive. Keep suicidal callers talking. For that moment you know they are alive. I ask questions in these three areas:

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H1N1: Panic Attack or Passive Resistance

Two children in my son’s preschool class were diagnosed with H1N1 last week. Both children had been at school for the days preceding their diagnosis. Both are now at home with high fevers, malaise, coughs, and sore throats. While my first thought on hearing the diagnosis should have been, I hope they feel better soon, […]

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Get Smart about Antibiotics Week

This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, is promoting the smart use of antibiotics. In order to prevent antibiotic resistant infections, the CDC urges providers to be “smart” in prescribing antibiotics. Often patients and providers alike think a round of antibiotics will be the cure all for any type of infection. Remember, […]

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Finding a Good Book: choosing your own adventure

One of my favorite things to do is go to the library to peruse the racks of new fiction. I love picking up a book that has been freshly wrapped in library issued cellophane. I love the smell of the pages as I open the book, and the sound of the spine cracking for the […]

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Use the 3 R's to Locate the Incident

Ambulance 311: Respond to US Highway 71 for a two-car accident unknown injuries. Ambulance 311: Callers are reporting this is in the northbound lanes near State Highway 175. Ambulance 311: Additional callers are now stating that the accident is in the southbound lanes. Ambulance 311: Our last caller reports the vehicles are actually on State […]

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3 Tips to Stay Mentally Alert During Long Shifts

You work 12 hours (or even 24 hours) during a very busy ambulance shift and are ready to be home, go for a run, eat dinner and get to bed. However, on your way out the door your supervisor stops you. She tells you that someone has called in sick and wonders if you could […]

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10 Tips for Effective Communication with Dispatch Center

Effective communication with your dispatcher is vital to positive patient outcome. Get to know each of the dispatchers within your agency, treat them as professionals, and learn how dispatchers communicate on the radio. Everyday EMS Tips contributor Martha Bonnie has worked in three different dispatch centers dispatching fire, EMS, and law enforcement. Read her Every […]