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Start of Shift Equipment Check Tips

A rig and equipment check is part of the start of shift routine. I have a mental list of five critical items that I always personally inspect at the start of the shift, regardless of my partner’s check or the previous crew’s report. My top five are: 1) Bag valve mask, actually has a mask […]

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Priority Posts from Outside the Service Area

I overheard some priority traffic from other EMS bloggers and education programs that I wanted to share with Everyday EMS Tips readers. Blog Posts 1. Sean from Medic Madness has started a new feature titled “Celebrity Paramedics.” He has already featured Batman and Chuck Norris. I once rented a room with another couple in northern […]

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How to Buy Guides for

I have been writing a series of  “How to Buy Guides” for Here are links to a few of those articles: How to Buy EMS Apparel and Accessories How to Buy Books How to Buy EMS Satellite Communications How to Buy EMS Sirens How to Buy EMS Scheduling Software How to Buy ePCR software […]

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Some Out of the Ordinary EMS Equipment

Carrying a specific set of items has become part of my paramedic routine. Steve Whitehead had a great post sampling readers about what they carry in their pockets while on-duty. Everyday EMS Tips contributor, Chris Matthews, will be the first to admit he adds a lot of things to the on-board equipment that many of […]