Product Review Guidelines welcomes submissions of products for review by the site owner, Greg Friese, or other members of his team of EMS professionals. We are willing to review products and services that we think will be of interest and value to our readers – paramedics, EMTs, students, educators, and managers. Our review style is an honest assessment of the product or service and its usefulness.

Our product review guidelines and process is as follows:

  1. What can be reviewed – We  are willing to review products related to EMS delivery and education. Other products that may or may not be utilized by EMS professionals or educators may be considered. You may send in products without notification, however to ensure receipt and understanding of your intentions please email me if you would like a product review completed (
  2. Expertise – my areas of expertise include software and technology, online education, social media, environmental emergencies, wilderness medicine, EMS publications and books, and emergency responder health and wellness. I welcome product and service reviews in these expertise/interest areas. For products and services outside of those areas I would consider forwarding the product to an team member for their review.
  3. Format – product reviews may be a combination of blog post text which may include embedded images and/or video. Social media tools are used to increase viewership of product review posts. Reviews may be republished in industry digital and print media as I have relationships with all of the national and many regional EMS media outlets.
  4. Readership – The audience (readers of is from all over the World. Although the majority of our visitors are from the United States. If needed, I can send you a detailed report of our readership utilizing Google Analytics. The blog has seen a steady growth of visitors and double opt-in subscribers since it went online in April of 2009.
  5. Return Policy – Products sent for review generally will not be returned. At your prior request and with pre-paid shipping and handling items can be returned.  For items I keep I may even give your product to friends or colleagues for their ongoing professional use after my review is complete.
  6. Timeline – Typically a product review will take 2-6 weeks upon receiving the product. However, I am able to post your review on a specific date if you would like it to coincide with a product launch. To ensure a thorough and complete review please ensure that I receive the product 4-6 weeks in advance of any specific post date. If you do not require a specific post date, I will post your review approximately 4-6 weeks after receiving the product.

Review Guidelines

  • I don’t write public negative product reviews. If I have criticism or a negative experience with your product or service I will email you privately. You can use my critique for improvement or change as you see fit.
  • I will post my subjective product review. I will also include objective details, as they are relevant, from your product written or electronic materials.
  • If compensated to perform a product review I will disclose that I have been compensated to review the product without disclosing the specific amount.
  • I may link to or participate in affiliate programs that sell the products or services I review.
  • Your product is given free of charge as part of your marketing campaign. I will not pay for products to review*.
  • I retain ownership of any images or videos I create of the product during the review process. Contact me for permission to use and distribute.
  • I will not give out a favorable review in exchange for the product.
  • I have the right to not publish a review. If this is the case, the company will be notified of reasons why.
  • I have the right to not review products that I didn’t specifically request or are not applicable to the audience.
  • I do not give out personal information to companies requesting reviews other than what is available below:

My contact information for product reviews is below:

Everyday EMS Tips Product Review
Attn: Greg Friese
3306 April Lane, Stevens Point, WI 54481
Cell – 715-204-9874
email –

*The exception is if I decide to review a product I have purchased or purchase on my own.

Please review the disclosure policy as well.

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