Emergency Medical Identification

EMS professionals encounter lots of Emergency Medical Identification products when assessing, treating, and transporting patients. There are numerous manufacturers and marketers of these products which range from jewelry to electronic devices to smartphone apps. When you encounter an unfamiliar emergency medical identification product ask the patient or their caregivers to explain it to you. What does it communicate? Is there additional information available by calling a phone number or visiting a website?

Review tips for checking for emergency medical identification during patient assessment.

I recommend: Road ID and Medical Alert

The two emergency identification products I recommend to friends and family are Road ID (Affiliate link. Your purchase helps support this site) and Medic Alert Foundation. I am a long-time user of Road ID – the leading maker of emergency identification products for endurance athletes. I have used the Wrist ID Sport, Wrist ID Elite, and Wrist ID Slim. The Slim is my favorite because it is light, compact, and I can put it on and forget it is even on. I find myself wearing my Slim almost anytime I leave the house.

The Medical Alert products range from the well known and easily recognized wrist bracelet, necklace styles, and dog tags.  Medic Alert is well known for providing high quality 24/7 emergency information service to communicate life saving medical information about their customers to emergency responders.

Other Products

There are many other forms of emergency medical identification. Some of those products include:

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