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Overtime: Just Say NO!

Or “No thanks.” Or “Thanks for thinking of me, I am not available.” Or “I am not available.” Explaining the reason you are unable to cover an open EMT or paramedic shift is unnecessary and counter-productive. An open shift is unlikely to be your problem to solve. Visit to read my advice on how […]

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EMS Manager YouTube Channel

Aladtec, creators of the popular EMS Manager and Fire Manager web-based scheduling products, have launched a YouTube channel with more than 50 tutorial and interview videos. View the video and then subscribe to their YouTube Channel:  

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How to Buy Guides for

I have been writing a series of  “How to Buy Guides” for Here are links to a few of those articles: How to Buy EMS Apparel and Accessories How to Buy Books How to Buy EMS Satellite Communications How to Buy EMS Sirens How to Buy EMS Scheduling Software How to Buy ePCR software […]