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Alternate Posting Location: Viral Radio Traffic

A Baltimore City EMS provider attracted widespread social media attention for his response to a dispatcher request to return to service. “For the third time, we told you we are out of service,” an EMT says, repeating himself on a recording of Baltimore City Fire Department radio traffic. “I am completely prepared to tell my […]

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Alternate Posting Location: Study burnout

A few thoughts on burnout after viewing a TikTok from Dr. Glaucomflecken staring Vivek, the surgeon general of the United States. Read the article at EMS1.

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Video: Burnout – interviews with paramedics #EMSWeek

This video asks paramedics: What causes burnout? How can we avoid or manage burnout? For many paramedics, EMS Week might be a reminder that they are overworked, under appreciated, under paid, and gone from home way too much. Add to that sleep deprivation, nagging back pain, and not enough time between calls to eat a […]