Why I drive slow on snow and ice covered, slippery roads

I don’t mind letting other cars zip by me on the interstate when the roads are snow-covered, icy, slick and slippery. Here are the reasons I drive slow: My car, a 2005 Toyota Sienna Minivan, is fully paid for and has been for at least a decade. Life without a car payment is always better […]

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2 More Questions for the EMS Eagles

Friday and Saturday I attended the Gathering of the Eagles, state of the science education program in Dallas. Dozens of medical directors (EMS physicians) from throughout the United States gave five to 10 minute presentations. There were also lightning rounds for audience members to ask short questions (to generate short answers) of the Eagles. Here are two […]

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Tips for Wilderness Patient Care Experience

A reader wrote, “Any tips on what I can do to gain wilderness patient care experience? What would you want your co-instructors to know or have experienced before teaching WFR?” My Experience as a WMA Instructor I have been a Wilderness Medical Associates lead instructor since 2002. At the time of my application WMA generally […]

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Book Review: A Never Event

[amazon-product text=”A Never Event” type=”text”]0980058287[/amazon-product] is the chronicle of nearly 100 patients of the Fremont Cancer Center that were infected with hepatitis C through poor infection control practices and what I believe to be criminal actions of the nurses and physician running the clinic. I stumbled upon A Never Event while browsing through the Kindle Owners […]

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American Ambulance Association 2011 Tradeshow and Conference Day 1

Today was my first day at the American Ambulance Association Conference and Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Travelling to the Pacific time zone is always a challenge because of the two hour time change. Of course I was wide awake at 0400 local time. Running the Strip As I like to do during any Las Vegas […]

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Does Reducing Minor Injuries Lead to Less Major Injuries?

No. According to this article, “Reducing Minor Injuries Does Not Translate to Reduction in Serious Injuries and Fatalities.” This short summary blew up one of my long held risk management beliefs that building a culture of safety that strives to prevent all injuries and a system of near miss reporting that identifies near misses that […]

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Greetings and an Ambulance Safety Lesson from Ireland

This is a guest post by EMS Safety Expert Jim Love. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. I am typing this from my hotel in the Town of Tullamore in Ireland.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit an Irish ambulance builder and converter.  I saw things I have never […]


Press Release: International EMS Adverse Event Reporting Website

The Center for Leadership, Innovation and Research in EMS (CLIR), along with its sponsoring organizations – the EMS Chiefs of Canada, the National EMS Management Association and the North Central EMS Institute – announced a new patient safety initiative. The EMS Voluntary Event Notification Tool (EVENT) provides an anonymous tool for EMS providers and others […]

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Video: Roadside Visibility

I am thinking of something orange! (Name that movie). A video I made for and about roadside visibility. Remember a simple vest or coat is not enough. Always be watching upstream, move out of and away from traffic as quickly as possible, complete traffic incident management training (TIM), and use TIM principles like […]

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Take a Short Survery on EMS Transport of Infants

This is a guest post by EMS Safety Expert Jim Love. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Past Thirty years ago when we needed to transport an infant or child in our ambulance either a parent or medic carried the child. Often the adult holding the child […]