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EMS Handwashing Policy – Updated

Wash your hands We really mean it, wash your hands Wash your hands more often than you are. Don’t know if you should wash your hands right now? That means you should stop what you are doing right now and wash your hands. Thanks. Keep reading Wash your hands after every patient contact, assessment or […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Never Event

[amazon-product text=”A Never Event” type=”text”]0980058287[/amazon-product]┬áis the chronicle of nearly 100 patients of the Fremont Cancer Center that were infected with hepatitis C through poor infection control practices and what I believe to be criminal actions of the nurses and physician running the clinic. I stumbled upon A Never Event while browsing through the Kindle Owners […]

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Website: HAI – Not on my Watch

Everyday EMS Tips received a request to share information about the HAI: Not on My Watch campaign and I chose to post this video about Healthcare Acquired Infections from the HAI microsite. The program is sponsored by Kimberly Clark which has plants in one of the areas I work. Regular readers know that I am […]

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Flu Prevention PSA – the Winner!

The Department of Health and Human Services offered a contest for the best flu prevention video public service announcement. This video was the winning video. Again the steps are simple: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Avoid touching your nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 3. Catch your cough in your elbow. 4. Dispose of tissues […]