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Video: The roadway is a hot zone

New video on YouTube/Police1. Check out the video, like, share and subscribe. Thanks!

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We live in a world of crazy people

As a teen and a college student my mom said to me at least 1000 times, “It’s not you that I  worry about, it’s all the crazy people in the world.” I am not sure if there are more crazy people now or if we just know more about the crazy people through their tweets, […]

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The First Few Moments: Making the Scene Safer

This is a guest post by creator of the First Few Moments training program Kyle David Bates. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. As you roll-up on the scene of a motor vehicle crash you look through your windshield. “Hmm, 2 cars head-on. Driver in car one […]

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Product Review: ML Kishigo High Vis Vest 400PSV Series

Roadside safety is an integral part of traffic incident management. Having and using the correct high visibility outerwear is important for EMS professionals during EMS Week and anytime of year. This video discusses some of the features of the ML Kishigo High Visibility Vest from their 400PSV Series. (If you can’t see the video click […]


Mail Bag: New Deliveries to Headquarters

The grass is greening, new shoots are coming up in the flower beds, and the trees are starting to leaf out. On several recent afternoons my yard work has been interrupted by the UPS and Fedex drivers making deliveries to headquarters. Some of the books and products that I have received recently include: Flight […]

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Video: Roadside Visibility

I am thinking of something orange! (Name that movie). A video I made for and about roadside visibility. Remember a simple vest or coat is not enough. Always be watching upstream, move out of and away from traffic as quickly as possible, complete traffic incident management training (TIM), and use TIM principles like […]