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Tips for Wilderness Patient Care Experience

A reader wrote, “Any tips on what I can do to gain wilderness patient care experience? What would you want your co-instructors to know or have experienced before teaching WFR?” My Experience as a WMA Instructor I have been a Wilderness Medical Associates lead instructor since 2002. At the time of my application WMA generally […]


July Alternate Posting Locations: Products for EMS

Dr. David Johnson writes about when to use tourniquets on the Wilderness Medical Associates blog. Rogue Medic shares a Facebook thread of fears of litigation and anecdotal experience confused with scientific proof about the use of tourniquets in his post on Facebook medics let imaginary lawyers tell them what to do. Paramedic product innovator and […]

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Press Release: University of New England Wilderness Medicine Elective

UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND OFFERS WILDERNESS MEDICINE ELECTIVE July 16-24 2012 Highland Plantation, ME Claybrook Mountain Lodge Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) International has teamed up with University of New England to offer the Wilderness Medical Elective. Unlike traditional medical courses, WMA International provides a practical approach when environments are hostile and equipment and personnel are […]

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Prioritizing Work Tasks

52 days until the end of 2010! Last week as I looked at my ever expanding work to-do list I wanted to prioritize what I could realistically get done between now and the end of the year. While keeping in mind three holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). 1. List tasks. I made a list […]