EMS Tips – Trump’s Opioid Promise – Taxis for 911 Callers

1. President Trump’s impact on EMS and the opioid crisis On the campaign trail candidate Trump promised voters he would “end the opioid epidemic in America.” For a President who repeatedly reminds Americans that he is a genius, best dealmaker, top negotiator, and pro-life who knows the best people his actions to keep his promise […]

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2 More Questions for the EMS Eagles

Friday and Saturday I attended the Gathering of the Eagles, state of the science education program in Dallas. Dozens of medical directors (EMS physicians) from throughout the United States gave five to 10¬†minute presentations. There were also lightning rounds for audience members to ask¬†short questions (to generate short answers) of the Eagles. Here are two […]

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Vacation Time Favorites

The original Family vacation movie is one of my all-time favorites. I love the line, “Sorry folks parks closed. The Moose at the gate should have told you.” Outdoor Paradise I am back from my own family vacation. Last week I packed up the metaphorical family truckster with my wife and kids for a delightful […]

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Idea: Spend Thanksgiving with Emergency Responders

I love coming up with ideas and sharing ideas. Yesterday Doug Mummert retweeted a message from Keith Yaskin, a Fox 10 Phoenix News Reporter, looking for Thanksgiving Day Story ideas. I replied. Keith liked the idea and spent the day with the busiest Phoenix FD station – scroll down for the story. Thanks Doug and […]