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EMS Tips – Distracted Driving Carrot or Stick – Zero Commercial Aviation Fatalities

1. Carrot, stick or both to reduce distracted driving Christina Dempsey, a Virginia firefighter-paramedic, is pushing for tougher distracted driving laws in her state. “I really want to see this law go through. It may help prevent other families from going through what my family has and continues to go through.” On Aug. 27, 2013, […]


Climate change is impacting emergency responders

On Tuesday morning when the death toll from the Sonoma and Napa counties was just 11 people (it’s now 35 dead) and only 1,400 structures had been destroyed I wrote a and article. “In the last two months, historic levels of rainfall, flooding and wildfire in the continental U.S. and its territories have […]

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Alleged Patient Kills Helper and Injures Two Others

Are you able to make sense of the tragic death of a Md. firefighter-paramedic who was killed after forcing entry to access a man believed to be unresponsive by his brother? I made an effort to make sense of a tragic death and the disparity between how a Md. man is free without charges after killing […]


More Driving Lessons Unlearned

This guest post was submitted by FF/EMT Ed Mund. If you would like to submit a guest post review the submission guidelines.  Recent motor vehicle-related deaths of EMS crews, firefighters, and passengers, while tragic, are reminders of the same lessons unlearned yet again. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of on-the-job deaths of EMS […]

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Podcast Idea: NIOSH Fatality Investigation Report Discussion and Analysis

Update: I wrote and scheduled this post before this morning’s news of an aeromedical crash in Rockford, Illinois that killed the pilot and two flight nurses on board. Read about that incident at Podcast Idea A firefighter, a company officer, and a fire chief walk into a room … kidding. I have an idea […]

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Does Reducing Minor Injuries Lead to Less Major Injuries?

No. According to this article, “Reducing Minor Injuries Does Not Translate to Reduction in Serious Injuries and Fatalities.” This short summary blew up one of my long held risk management beliefs that building a culture of safety that strives to prevent all injuries and a system of near miss reporting that identifies near misses that […]