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2 More Questions for the EMS Eagles

Friday and Saturday I attended the Gathering of the Eagles, state of the science education program in Dallas. Dozens of medical directors (EMS physicians) from throughout the United States gave five to 10 minute presentations. There were also lightning rounds for audience members to ask short questions (to generate short answers) of the Eagles. Here are two […]

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Teaching Tip: Severe Bleeding Control

During primary assessment instruction students can watch and then practice opening manikin airways and delivering effective ventilations. It is much more difficult to simulate severe bleeding control and to overcome one of medicine’s most pervasive myths. I honed my technique for teaching severe bleeding control over dozens of Wilderness First Aid classes for Wilderness Medical Associates: […]

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3 Things that are Merely Interesting

Here are three things that are merely interesting to me: 1. A single set of vital signs. Multiple sets are needed to see a trend over time. 2. Blood in the toilet. Yes, I believe you it was bloody poo or pooey blood. By the time I arrive the smell is overwhelming. I am more […]