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EMS Tips – EMT LODD – Therapeutic Hypothermia Might Come Back

1. EMT Mousa Chaban, 32, died of injuries after ambulance collision ( “Chaban was partially ejected from the ambulance and died from his injuries.” The driver of the ambulance,¬†Christine Wesner, failed to stop at a red light, and “allegedly fell asleep and crashed into another vehicle.” Resource:¬†5 evidence-based guidelines for fatigue management in EMS 2. […]


Don't Turn Left: Use the Diverging Diamond

Left turns are one of the leading causes (if not the leading cause) of motor vehicle collisions. I have previously written Tips to Reduce Intersection Collisions so this conversation on NPR Talk of the Nation Hate Left Turns? Take a Diverging Route, caught my ear and led me to a article: Don’t Turn Left. […]

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Video: Intersection Collisions and Roundabouts

In this video I share some tips about avoiding intersection collisions and my thoughts on why roundabouts are terrific for emergency response vehicles and privately operated vehicles. (also read Tips to Reduce Intersection Collisions) What are your thoughts on roundabouts? ParamedicTV is powered by