Posts Outside the Service Area: Reminders and Resources from our Friends

Stephanie Limmer had been posting about her journey through EMT school. In a final post she reminds us that often the most difficult part of EMT or paramedic training is balancing all of the other responsibilities we have outside of class. Sometimes students stay in class way too long, further exacerbating home and work problems, without actually making enough progress in class to eventually class.

Steve Whitehead, from the slopes of a Colorado ski area, reminds us that we have a role to play in injury prevention and advocacy. Do you agree with Steve? How can EMS become an even more effective advocate for injury prevention and advocacy? If you don’t think it can be done research the relative rarity of structure fires compared to 50 years ago.

Profiles of EMS10 2012 Award winners have been posted in a special digital edition of JEMS magazine. I was honored to be at the awards ceremony last month at EMS Today. Award winners have these things in common – they cared about something deeply that they believed would make a difference and then they worked their hearts out to make it happen.

Jim Hoffman is the hardest working person in EMS. He produces a lot of content to help you get ahead as a student or professional. Make sure to listen to all of the great reminders and tips for test taking success in an EMS Office Hours podcast.

The Socratic Medic, a relatively new blog on the blog scene, takes an in depth look at pain and pain management. Read why do we treat pain the way we do and Pain Management Part 2.

Blogger Chris Brogan has a great reminder about the “B Strategy” in a guest post at

Finally, some thoughts on video based elearning.

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