Posts Outside the Service Area: Reminders and Resources from our Friends

Stephanie Limmer had been posting about her journey through EMT school. In a final post she reminds us that often the most difficult part of EMT or paramedic training is balancing all of the other responsibilities we have outside of class. Sometimes students stay in class way too long, further exacerbating home and work problems, […]

EMS Tips

Posts Outside the Service Area: Books, Apps, and Blogs for November 2012

Books Paramedic and Mortician Matthew Sias published a memoir and collection of experiences, [amazon-product text=”Silent Sirens: Memoirs of a Life Saving Mortician (Amazon affiliate link)” type=”text”]B009LNGYDO[/amazon-product] Apps At the start of the month and Limmer Creative launched two new apps: 101 Last Minute Study Tips. There are two versions – EMT and Paramedic – and […]