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EMS World Expo 2013: PPT Slides and Handout

Distraction is Deadly: Understanding and Mitigating its Impact Distraction is Deadly: EMS World Expo 2013 Slides by Greg Friese from Greg Friese PDF of handout VFIS Infographic Get the infographic embed code

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Video: Flight Paramedics Discuss Risks of Distracted Driving

Two flight paramedics discuss the dangers of distracted driving on a morning news program. This is a great example of how EMS can get involved in injury prevention. How can your service get featured on the local news? I would try some of these things: 1. Pick a topic that is timely and of wide […]

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Intexicated Driving Banned for Federal Employees

I read with great interest this article from, Combating Distracted Driving, about the prohibition on federal employees of driving and texting. It is my belief that distracted driving will eclipse other causes of ambulance crash fatalities and injuries – like speeding, use of red lights and sirens, failure to stop at controlled intersections. In […]