Spring Winter Storm: Anticipated Operational Problems and Complaints

When the world around you looks like this at the start of your shift, what operation problems and patient complaints do you anticipate? Wet, heavy snow and high winds.

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Innovative Falls Prevention Program Approach and Recommendations from Alameda County EMS

Importance of Falls Prevention Falls prevention among geriatric patients takes a coalition of EMS professionals, public health officials, injury prevention specialists, hospital staff, patient personal physicians, pharmacists, exercise specialists, and more. I recently discussed prevention and program design with Colleen Campbell, Senior Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Alameda County Public Health Department Emergency Medical Services. […]

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5 Tips for Moving Patients with a Hip Injury

In central Wisconsin, the ice and snow season logically leads to an increase in the number of “elderly patient has fallen, possible broken hip” calls. When responding to patients with a suspected broken hip, remember these tips:

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Fall Prevention Week Tips

Our patient was on the floor in the hallway and simply could not get himself up. He didn’t think he was hurt and we could not find any injuries. A few minutes later he was back in his chair and refusing transport. Fall calls are common for EMS professionals. They also are risky because they […]

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8 Fall Prevention Tips

Is there a more famous 911 call than “I have fallen and I can not get up.” (watch famous infomercial below) Falls are a common cause for emergency calls. They also present one of the best opportunities for EMS Professionals to teach prevention tactics to patients, family, and caregivers. Eight fall prevention tips that you […]