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Opioid Crisis is a National Emergency

The President’s declaration of a National Public Health Emergency is a partial step towards addressing the opioid crisis. A National Emergency declaration is a better match for the scope of the problem and the daily death toll from opioid overdoses. More concerning to me, though based on his televised remarks, is what the President gets […]

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Lightning: 3 Things Tuesday

I am sure you have seen this photograph … Yesterday an story reported on where the brothers shown in the photo are now – 38 years later. Lightning is a leading weather related cause of injury and death. Its danger is underestimated by children, parents, youth sport coaches, and outdoor enthusiasts. Remember these three […]

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Update: End of Life Planning

Critical Questions that Need Answers Do you have a will? Have you made decisions about end of life care for yourself and your spouse? Does your will direct the distribution of your assets to your surviving spouse and children? We Updated our Plans Last month we updated our plans. We added a child since we […]


Firefighters Posing in Front of Controlled Burn Structure Fire

I saw this photo earlier this morning at and it has been on my mind much of the day. I didn’t read the story and I didn’t read it now. Honestly, I can’t get past the photo. I have just read many of the reader comments and relieved that I am not the only […]


More Driving Lessons Unlearned

This guest post was submitted by FF/EMT Ed Mund. If you would like to submit a guest post review the submission guidelines.  Recent motor vehicle-related deaths of EMS crews, firefighters, and passengers, while tragic, are reminders of the same lessons unlearned yet again. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of on-the-job deaths of EMS […]

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Podcast Idea: NIOSH Fatality Investigation Report Discussion and Analysis

Update: I wrote and scheduled this post before this morning’s news of an aeromedical crash in Rockford, Illinois that killed the pilot and two flight nurses on board. Read about that incident at Podcast Idea A firefighter, a company officer, and a fire chief walk into a room … kidding. I have an idea […]

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Book Review: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

Author and Sports Writer, Mitch Albom, has made a career of writing about the end of life by asking his fictional and non-fictional characters the big questions about life, religion, happiness, sadness, regret, effort, and responsibility. Albom’s newest book Have a Little Faith: A True Story is the story of what Albom does when his […]

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Do you ever go through the motions?

A common question from students in classroom training programs, especially when I teach CPR, goes something like this: “My last instructor told me that sometimes they go through the motions of doing CPR, even when they know it is futile, for the benefit of the family. Do you ever go through the motions?” Many times […]