EMS conference presenters and the long wind-up

EMS conference presenters spend too much time winding up and building to their key points. The long wind-up is usually background or foundation information – pathophysiology, assessment, and treatment basics – that is rarely new information to most of the audience. Here are four things to consider as you prepare to deliver a conference presentation, classroom lecture […]


Reply to: This Isn’t Going to Work

On Tuesday I wrote 3 Things About Distracted Driving. I included the From One Second to Next documentary video about the destruction of texting while driving on several families. Today Seth Godin wrote This Isn’t Going to Work. His insights about the impossibility of changing driver behavior are spot on and sanguine. Go read his […]

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Update: End of Life Planning

Critical Questions that Need Answers Do you have a will? Have you made decisions about end of life care for yourself and your spouse? Does your will direct the distribution of your assets to your surviving spouse and children? We Updated our Plans Last month we updated our plans. We added a child since we […]

EMS Tips

Alternate Posting Locations: November 2011 Does Pranking Belong in EMS? I am not sure it belongs anywhere. How do you feel about pranking? EMT Class is Like a Marathon. Marathon running can be a metaphor for just about anything. Guest Post Welcome – guidelines and instructions New Portfolio: Emergency Management Institute Professional Development Series. We also have a […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Poke the Box

[amazon-product text=”Poke the Box” type=”text”]1936719002[/amazon-product] is the first manifesto published by Seth Godin’s new venture the Domino Project. The premise of the book is: 1. You have ideas. 2. Start working on an idea. 3. Ship the results of your idea. 4. Repeat. You can do this. Go. Ship. Now. [amazon-product]1936719002[/amazon-product]

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You Can Be Indispensable – Book Review of Linchpin by Seth Godin

We need you to be you more than ever! Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? is the newest book by author, big thinker, and provocateur Seth Godin. In this book he calls us to recognize that we all have capabilities as artists, to fight our basic instincts to blend in and go with the flow, and to […]