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Lightning: 3 Things Tuesday

I am sure you have seen this photograph …

Yesterday an story reported on where the brothers shown in the photo are now – 38 years later.

Lightning is a leading weather related cause of injury and death. Its danger is underestimated by children, parents, youth sport coaches, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Remember these three things about lightning.

1. There is no safe place outdoors during a thunderstorm. If you hear thunder or see lightning seek indoor shelter immediately.

2. Lightning strikes the nearest tallest object regardless of what the object is made of. But some leaders inexplicably bypass the nearest tallest object and strike something else shorter. See number 1.

3. People struck by lightning are safe to touch. Patients are not electrified. Begin assessment and treatment immediately while keeping in mind that you are at continued risk of another strike.

Bonus: although it is electric there is no ‘e’ in lightning.

Learn more about lightning dangers from the NOAA Lightning Safety Page.

By Greg

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