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Podcast Idea: NIOSH Fatality Investigation Report Discussion and Analysis

Update: I wrote and scheduled this post before this morning’s news of an aeromedical crash in Rockford, Illinois that killed the pilot and two flight nurses on board. Read about that incident at

Podcast Idea

A firefighter, a company officer, and a fire chief walk into a room … kidding.

I have an idea (that I think is pretty good) for a fire podcast: review and discussion of NIOSH fatality investigations.

NIOSH Fatality Investigation Reports

In my opinion the NIOSH Fatality Investigation reports are a must read for any firefighter, fire company officer, and fire department leader. They are also a must read for anyone involved in firefighter education (thus my interest). I also think they are a must read for anyone that cares about firefighters.

(To my knowledge there is not a comparable investigation program/process for EMS fatalities. There should be.)

We have an ongoing failure in Fire and EMS to learn the same lessons over and over and over. This is readily apparent in every fatality announcement and report I read. I strive for in the education programs I help create, produce, and deliver to help participants transition from lessons learned (but apparently not remembered) to lessons applied.

Please read the NIOSH reports as they come out and apply the lessons to your individual actions, department operations, and responses with other agencies. Please. I care about you. I care about firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics I don’t know. Please.

If you run with this idea for a podcast let me know so I can share it widely and trumpet your efforts. 

NTSB and FAA Investigations

This same idea could be applied to National Transportation Safety Board and FAA investigations of helicopter incidents.


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