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Update: End of Life Planning

Critical Questions that Need Answers

Do you have a will?

Have you made decisions about end of life care for yourself and your spouse?

Does your will direct the distribution of your assets to your surviving spouse and children?

We Updated our Plans

Last month we updated our plans. We added a child since we originally prepared a will. Our siblings have moved. I am more open to unlimited tissue and organ donation than I was 8 years ago. It was time to make an update. Our lawyer also suggested some additional language about distribution of our assets that was not available 8 years ago.

The most important part of the planning in my opinion is the assignment of a healthcare proxy and discussing with my proxy and my alternate what my end of life care wishes are. I don’t want assumptions being made should the need arise.

I am glad we made an update.

You Owe it to Your Family to Make a Plan

As an EMT or Paramedic you have probably witnessed families agonize as they try to recall Grandma’s wishes or fight over what exactly it was Daddy wanted. Don’t put your family in that position. Make a plan. Discuss your specific healthcare wishes with your physician … while you are healthy.

Last week Seth Godin posted, How Do You Want to Die (read his post and come on back. I’ll wait).  Mr. Godin wrote:

The web makes it easy to generate and sign a simple generic form. Or even better, go find theforms state by state. (If those pages are down, try a search on “health care proxy” and the name of your state.) [A reader also suggests MyDirectives.]  [And consider the Five Wishes.]

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