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What’s the longest you have waited for an ambulance?

An Oklahoma City fire company transported an injured child in the fire engine after deciding they could no longer wait for an ambulance. Read the article, Is fire engine transport ever the best choice for an injured child?, on EMS1. When I was an EMT in far northern Wisconsin sometimes we waited 20 or 30 […]

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There is Evil in the World

There is also love A painting my daughter presented to us on Valentine’s morning.

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What do you Want to Know More About

A few weeks ago I asked a group of medical first responders, EMTs, and paramedics what they wanted to know more about during introductions for a training session. There responses: Trauma Medications Recruitment “Fragile” patients Heart Failure Pharmacology and medications Pediatrics and Cardiology Trauma Pediatrics and Critical Care Administration and Cardiac Arrest After asking this […]

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Watch for Kids in Hot Unattended Vehicles

Hyperthermia Deaths to Children Left in Unattended Vehicles Dr. Lou Romig shared this link to information on Hyperthermia Deaths to Children Left in Unattended Vehicles. Hyperthermia leading to heat stroke is a life threatening emergency. A child either because of young age, functional motor skill development, or restraint in a child passenger seat is unable […]

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CE Article: High School Sports Injuries

The EMS Magazine CE Article for September is High School Sports Injuries. I co-authored this article with Kevin Collopy. We have been receiving lots of reader questions and comments about this article. One sign that an article is resonating with people is that they ask questions. Read the article. Take a quiz at to […]

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22 Hours of Con Ed Now Available from EMS Boot Camp #EMS

In just a year the EMS Boot Camp project has built an archive library of over 22 hours of recorded EMT and Paramedic continuing education webinars. The multimedia CE lessons cover many important aspects of EMS. Each EMS Boot Camp webinar includes: Recorded video and audio of the session that you can watch anytime online […]

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An OB Emergency is When It All Came Together

The nurse’s instructions were simple. “You two guys just wait here until Amanda gets back.” Then she handed me the other guy and walked out of the room. There I was holding, Michael, my newborn son. He and I were together and totally alone. And that is when it all came together. First Bath About […]

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3 Apps for Calclulating an APGAR Score

During the session a participant asked if there was an iPhone app for calculating the APGAR score of a newborn. I found these three with some help from my Twitter friends: APGAR iPhone App APGAR Droid App Medical Calculator for Blackberry Have you used any of these apps for training or an actual field […]

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Podcast: Putting Patients at Ease with Magic

Everyday EMS Tips readers often tell me pediatric patients are the most challenging to assess and treat. This is often a function of inexperience and nervousness. Also a crying child (or even a worse a silent child) will raise anyone’s anxiety level. Recently Dr. Mike Pitt, aka Magic Mike, was the featured guest on the […]

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H1N1: Panic Attack or Passive Resistance

Two children in my son’s preschool class were diagnosed with H1N1 last week. Both children had been at school for the days preceding their diagnosis. Both are now at home with high fevers, malaise, coughs, and sore throats. While my first thought on hearing the diagnosis should have been, I hope they feel better soon, […]