3 Apps for Calclulating an APGAR Score


During the EMSBootCamp.com session a participant asked if there was an iPhone app for calculating the APGAR score of a newborn. I found these three with some help from my Twitter friends:

  1. APGAR iPhone App
  2. APGAR Droid App
  3. Medical Calculator for Blackberry

Have you used any of these apps for training or an actual field delivery? Does an app seem unnecessary or inappropriate for labor and delivery?

The archived EMSBootCamp.com session, Critter Catching 101, is available in the archives. The two-hour session included a review of labor and delivery A & P, stages of labor, and childbirth emergencies. The presenter, Lisa Hollet, answered audience questions well past the scheduled end time. Check it out to meet your CE requirements for OB/Pediatrics.