Podcast: Putting Patients at Ease with Magic


Everyday EMS Tips readers often tell me pediatric patients are the most challenging to assess and treat. This is often a function of inexperience and nervousness. Also a crying child (or even a worse a silent child) will raise anyone’s anxiety level. Recently Dr. Mike Pitt, aka Magic Mike, was the featured guest on the EMSEduCast.

Magic Mike is finishing his pediatric’s residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. During the EMSEduCast episode Mike talked about how he uses magic and other techniques to build rapport with children and put them at ease during assessment and treatment procedures. Mike shared some specific ideas as well as general principles.

Listen to EMSEduCast Episode 39 with Dr. “Magic” Mike Pitt.

Also watch this video featuring Magic Mike. (note this is a screen capture with a video camera)