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H1N1: Panic Attack or Passive Resistance

Two children in my son’s preschool class were diagnosed with H1N1 last week. Both children had been at school for the days preceding their diagnosis. Both are now at home with high fevers, malaise, coughs, and sore throats. While my first thought on hearing the diagnosis should have been, I hope they feel better soon, […]

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Flu Prevention PSA – the Winner!

The Department of Health and Human Services offered a contest for the best flu prevention video public service announcement. This video was the winning video. Again the steps are simple: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Avoid touching your nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 3. Catch your cough in your elbow. 4. Dispose of tissues […]

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Vote! Best Flu Prevention PSA

Visit the US Health and Human Services YouTube channel to vote for the best flu prevention public service announcement. Finalists are competing for a $2500 prize. This is my favorite video. I think I was my hands more than the average person to begin with, but I needed to wash my hands – twice – […]

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Tips to Reduce Influenza Transmission

Reducing transmission of influenza (and H1N1) is really pretty easy: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Catch your cough. 3. Stay away from family, co-workers, and friends when you are sick. 4. Throw away your tissues. 5. Wash your hands. (yes, it is worth saying again) Need these instructions in a neat video format with a […]

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Tips for Cleaning the Ambulance

Check out this fine summary of CDC tips for cleaning ambulances and other patient transport vehicles to prevent disease transmission from pathogens like H1N1.  The 2nd tip describes cleaning driver compartment because driver may wear gloves while driving. The driver wearing their patient care gloves while driving is my top EMS pet peeve. Don’t do […]