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Make the Kids Responsible

Like many things it’s much easier to require kids to do the work. Michigan is the latest state to pass legislation requiring high schools to teach hands-only CPR to students. More than half the states, including California, Kentucky and Illinois have a similar graduation requirement. I am not a fan of theĀ “make the kids do […]

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Video: Paramedic Featured on Fitting Room TV

Short video aimed at high school students exploring careers choices about being a paramedic. I am always looking for how we tell our story to others. What does EMS do? What value does it provide communities? How is it a personally rewarding career. Thanks Fitting Room TV for featuring paramedics.

EMS Education Tips

CE Article: High School Sports Injuries

The EMS Magazine CE Article for September is High School Sports Injuries. I co-authored this article with Kevin Collopy. We have been receiving lots of reader questions and comments about this article. One sign that an article is resonating with people is that they ask questions. Read the article. Take a quiz at to […]