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2021 Book Log (Updating)

I kept a book log in 2019 and 2020. I will strive to do the same in 2021. The Plague Year – not a book per se but as a 30,000-word article, it took me several sittings to read this early history of COVID-19 in the U.S. by Lawrence Wright. You can also listen to Wright discuss […]

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2020 Book Log (updating)

I kept a book log in 2019 and will strive to do the same in 2020. The Guardians – a John Grisham novel about freeing innocent men and women from prison for crimes they did not commit. Pre-print of a physician written auto-biography – patient cases, poems and self-reflection. Confessions of a Curious Bookseller: A […]

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Alternate Posting Location: 2021 Predictions for EMS

There are only 11 days left in 2020, but many of the issues and challenges related to COVID-19, the pandemic, and economic ruin for many individuals and organizations are sure to persist. Nonetheless, EMS leaders look ahead to the opportunities for growth, service expansion and applying the hard-won lessons of 2020 in a prediction article […]

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Free Pan Flu Training and 10% Off Subscription

CentreLearn solutions issued this announcement, “Free Pandemic Flu Courses available until the end of June. 10% discount for anyone who has taken the free pandemic courses if they become a paid subscriber by June 30.” Visit the CentreLearn blog for enrollment and discount information. is the leading online provider of continuing education for […]

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Best Sites for Swine Flu News Coverage

There is an overwhelming amount of information being produced and distributed on the web about Swine Influenza A (H1N1). is an aggregation of timely and credible news sources on swine flu (H1N1). The top swine-flu Alltop feeds are from the CDC. now redirects to Remember to visit for the top paramedic, […]

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Free Pandemic Influenza Training

Last week,, and offered their two part training program on Pandemic Influenza for no cost to EMTs, Paramedics, and first responders. Read about the pandemic influenza training program contents. This is what users are saying about the training program and directions for free registration:

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Cleaning the Ambulance – to prevent spread of pathogens

I bet you are paying a little more attention to cleaning the ambulance with all the attention, in-service trainings, and patient questions about Swine Influenza (H1N1). has issued Interim Guidance for Cleaning EMS Transport Vehicles. Take a few minutes and read those guidelines. Save yourself a little bit of time and energy by following […]