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Hearts Cutthroat

Hearts is an easy to play, easy to learn and fun card game for groups of three or more. It is also a staple evening game at our deer camp. We developed and tested a new version of hearts – cutthroat! Credit to Dennis S. for this fantastic variation to keep the game lively for […]

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Finding a Good Book: choosing your own adventure

One of my favorite things to do is go to the library to peruse the racks of new fiction. I love picking up a book that has been freshly wrapped in library issued cellophane. I love the smell of the pages as I open the book, and the sound of the spine cracking for the […]


Passing Time: World Record Paper Airplane Folding Video

Here is an activity for downtime – you only need a few minutes – or between calls or while waiting for your partner to finish the patient care report. All you need is a piece of paper.

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10 EMT Tips For Down (shhh quiet) Time

Do you ever have a …. shhhhh … “quiet day” on the ambulance, spending hours sitting at a station or posting on the road. What do you after you have completed the rig check, taken a long nap, finished station duties, and watched three episodes of CSI? Try these 10 Everyday EMS Tips for your […]