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Your BS Detector is BS

For a profession that prides itself on BS detection there sure are a lot of EMTs and paramedics falling for "news" stories from Call...

EMS Educators: Our Favorite Apps

During my NAEMSE Symposium presentation, Handheld Wizardary, I asked attendees to share their favorite apps.  I asked this question by text/email message using

Video CoPilot VL

Jay enjoys the blog and asked me to share this video about the CoPilot VL. If you are like me and have never heard...

Alternate Posting Location: EMS Podcasts from June 2013

For an column in July I did a round up of the best EMS podcasts. EMS Podcasts Educate and Entertain

Posts Outside the Service Area: EMS News and Updates

Some of posts, blogs, and articles that caught my attention. NAEMT updates Code of Ethics for EMS Practitioners. Print and share this at your next...

Scene Protection and Security: Three Things Tuesday

Did you read the widely circulated article last week, Mystery Bystander Infiltrates Incident Delaying Extrication and Nearly Killing Vehicle Driver? You might have missed...

Alternative Posting Location: 4 POV Response Tips at EMS1

4 Personal Vehicle Response Tips Do you respond to the station or the scene in a personal vehicle? Much of my EMS experience involved POV...

2014 EMS Conferences

I have just added these dates to my calendar for 2014. I hope to attend all three. How about you? EMS Today, February 4-8, 2014...

EMS Conference Details: Three Things Tuesday

I spent last week at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum and the National Association of EMS Educators Symposium. It was a long week of...

NAEMSE 2013: Slides and Handouts

NAEMSE Symposium presentations. August 10, 2013. Washington DC. Handheld Wizardy: Integrating Smartphones and Tablets into EMS Education Integrating Smartphones Into EMS Education from Greg Friese PDF of...

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