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EMS Conference Details: Three Things Tuesday

I spent last week at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum and the National Association of EMS Educators Symposium. It was a long week of travel that gave me the opportunity to fly through Minneapolis-St. Paul, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Washington Reagan, and Detroit before returning home to the cozy confines of the Central Wisconsin Airport. I had […]

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3 Lists of 3 After EMS World Expo 2012

3 Ideas to Improve EMS World Expo 1. Shorter presentations or quick fire presentations with a series of presenters that each have 10-15 minutes to present a single idea, topic, or technique. 2. Online conference that features the “Best of” EMS World Expo. The top rated speaker from each track is invited to give a […]

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Marathon Running: 3 Lists of 3 Part 5

The food and fluids edition. Favorite Gu/Gel Flavors 1. Vanilla 2. Banana 3. Chocolate (with caffeine is OK) Least Favorite Gu/Gel Flavors 1. Anything citrus 2. Apple 3. Peach Note: I will eat anything while running. If there was a¬†Hawaiian pizza flavor gel and it was handed to me at mile 20 I would eat […]