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Your BS Detector is BS

For a profession that prides itself on BS detection there sure are a lot of EMTs and paramedics falling for “news” stories from Call the Cops. It has gotten so bad that is warning readers to not be duped by story that NY EMTs can now drink on the job. Fake Pain? BS If […]

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Posts Outside the Service Area: EMS News and Updates

Some of posts, blogs, and articles that caught my attention. NAEMT updates Code of Ethics for EMS Practitioners. Print and share this at your next training meeting. Ask members to describe which each bullet point might look like in practice. Discuss how to handle different ethical dilemmas. Yesterday Rom Duckworth introduced me to Fit for […]

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How to Write an April Fool’s Day Parody Post

One of my favorite articles to write is my annual contribution to the April Fool’s Day edition. I enjoy the chance to stretch my creative brain. Two of my past efforts: April 1, 2009: Stethoscope Calibration April 1, 2012: Prepare for the Looming Oxygen Shortage How To: When I prepare an April Fool’s Day […]