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Books for Paramedics and EMTs

Find books for the paramedics and EMTs on your shopping list in the Everyday EMS Bookstore. Start with my Top 9 and also check out all of the other books by paramedics. Or if you need a break from shopping take a break with the EMS1 Christmas collection. Need more book ideas. Check out these posts: 15 […]

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Christmas Stories from Paramedics

Michael Morse has a new Kindle book on Amazon, “Captain Scrooge and other Holiday tales: stories about life during the holidays as told by a first responder.” Read more Christmas and holiday stories of rescue, triumph, joy and heartbreak in the EMS1 Christmas collection.

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Posts Outside the Service Area: Someone Always Knows

I am convinced that in the workplace any incident of wrong doing – cheating, stealing, etc. – is always witnessed or realized by a co-worker. The part I have never understood is the lengths individuals will go to either pretend what they know is happening is not happening or protect someone that is clearly violating […]

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Holiday Perspectives and Rememberances

I don’t really have many holiday EMS stories or calls that made the shift on a holiday. The holiday calls I can think of our pretty unremarkable. But a lack of something remarkable to say or write has never stopped me before … As an EMT Basic I responded on the 4th of July for […]

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Working on Holidays Tips for EMS Professionals

Steve Kanarian, EMS educator and retired paramedic, shares his tips for working on the holidays. Steve writes: // Be a realist. You knew when you became an EMS professional you were going to have to work some holidays so make the best of it. Wear a clean uniform and a tie (if that is part […]

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Fireworks Safety Month Injury Prevention Tips

When my good friend began screaming that he could not see I knew something was seriously wrong. A bottlerocket had just exploded right in front of his face. He had superficial and partial thickness burns around his left eye. Fortunately, he had a normal return of vision. According to a 2005 CDC study more than […]