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Poison Prevention Week: Household Medication Safety

This is a guest post by Martha Bonnie for Poison Prevention Week (March 14-20). If you want to guest post on this blog,┬ácheck out the guidelines here. Did you know that over 80% of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom? Wet floors, cleaning chemicals, prescription and over the counter medications, to name just […]

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Product Review: Act+Fast Anti-Choking Trainer

With a sharp inward and upward thrust – just like I have been teaching for nearly ten-years, but have never actually done – the foreign body ejected from the “airway” and flew about five feet across the room. I had just relieved the obstruction – a small foam plug – from the Act+Fast Anti-Choking Trainer […]

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Teaching CPR to Kids

This is a guest post by Steve Lichtenberg. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Can you teach children CPR? The short answer is yes. There are a few differences when teaching children as opposed to adults. Children will take the whole process very seriously and are more […]

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Tips for Teaching CPR Effectively

If you are an aspiring EMS educator or training officer one of the best ways to start is by becoming a CPR instructor. Then teach CPR and standard first aid as often as you can. The repetition will: hone your teaching skills improve your public speaking talent increase your ability to listen and respond to […]

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Video: How to Perform Compression Only CPR

Everyday EMS Tips encourages EMS professionals and agencies to use their blogs and websites to share injury prevention and emergency response information. This video is a good and quick howcast on performance of compression only CPR. View the video and then go to YouTube to get the embed code to add the video to your […]

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Video: Hands Only CPR

I once sat next to a rocket scientist on an airplane. I am pretty sure I could have taught him CPR. Remember: 1. Call 911 2. Push hard and push fast American Heart Association video proves even rocket scientists can do CPR. Name the tune on the sound track of this video?

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iPhone App Preview: CPR Hero

ThinkSafe is putting the finishing touches on an iPhone app called CPR hero. Watch this ThinkSafe video to see the App in action. I like the clear instruction and integrated metronome. Would you load this app on your iPhone or encourage lay people to have this resource on their phone?

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Myth Busted: Hands Free Devices are Safer

Researchers have busted the myth that hands-free devices are safer than holding a cell phone while driving. Read this article about a study that showed hands-free devices are not safer than hand-held phones. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Follow these Everyday EMS Tips for eliminating driver distraction:

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Psychological First Aid Resources

After a natural disaster the news media will often say things like, “residents of this small town are in shock this morning after a tornado ripped through this neighborhood in the middle of the night.” As you know ‘shock’ is a physiological problem related to inadequate perfusion. What the media is calling shock is the […]

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Top 3 Items for a Backcountry First Aid Kit

Since I spend a lot of time outdoors and I am a lead instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates I am often asked what should be in a backcountry first aid kit. This question is especially important for lightweight backpackers, day hikers, cyclists, hunters, cross country skiers, and other outdoors enthusiasts that don’t have a boat […]