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Posts Outside the Service Area: Someone Always Knows

I am convinced that in the workplace any incident of wrong doing – cheating, stealing, etc. – is always witnessed or realized by a co-worker. The part I have never understood is the lengths individuals will go to either pretend what they know is happening is not happening or protect someone that is clearly violating […]

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Nursing at Sea – a listener cruise from the Podmedic Jamie Davis

For readers that were once paramedics and are now nurses or are like me and married to a nurse I wanted to share this news item. My good friend and podcaster, Jamie Davis, is hosting the first listener cruise for listeners to his nursing show podcast. Learn more at Details include the itenerary, how […]

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Product Review: Trauma Team for the Nintendo Wii

This is a guest product review by Sarah Leonard of Nursing Degrees. If you want to guest post or review on this blog,┬ácheck out the guidelines here. Trauma Team Takes Franchise to the Next Level Atlus Games has revived its long-running Trauma Center brand with the recent release of the new and improved Trauma Team […]