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Posts Outside the Service Area: Someone Always Knows

I am convinced that in the workplace any incident of wrong doing – cheating, stealing, etc. – is always witnessed or realized by a co-worker. The part I have never understood is the lengths individuals will go to either pretend what they know is happening is not happening or protect someone that is clearly violating rules, ethics, or individuals. I just don’t get it.

Paramedic Bob Sullivan, at the EMS Patient Perspective, reminded us early in the month about how important it is to Do the Right Thing.

Brandon Otto shared a great set of notes and observations from the Western Massachusetts EMS Conference. As a speaker I would be thrilled to see if an attendees notes matched the key points I was trying to make.

The Rogue Medic uses his impressive skills in medical illustration to explain Why CPR Doesn’t Work for Trauma.

Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, interviews author Sandra Crowe about her book, Since Strangling is Not an Option. Oddly the holidays often remind us and lead to encounters with the most difficult people in our life. Get some tips from Jamie and Sandra.

David Konig, the Social Medic, shares 6 tips for EMS coverage at special events. I want to know if the wrestlers are really hurt of if that is part of the act. Do you know?

BetsyDuck at the Rescue Digest Blog explains how Keynote presentations at EMS conferences helps us know who we are and know about the group we belong to.

Do you know what you want to do after being a paramedic? This article shares 9 Reasons Why Nursing Should be Your Next Career Move.

Remember one of the best places to find blogs by paramedics is

What were your favorite blog posts from November? What would you like to read more about? 

By Greg Friese

Greg Friese, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is an author, educator, paramedic, and marathon runner.

Greg was the co-host of the award winning EMSEduCast podcast, the only podcast by and for EMS educators. Greg has written for,, Wilderness Medical Associates, JEMS Magazine, and EMS World Magazine, and the NAEMSE Educator Newsletter.