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EMS Tips – Form a Prehospital Field Amputation Team

Plano, Texas firefighters summoned their recently formed Field Amputation Team when a worker’s leg became trapped in a piece of ditch digging machinery. “Frisco firefighters reached Palma just five minutes after the accident, but they couldn’t free him. His leg would need to be amputated right there, amid the dirt and rocks. Luckily, there was a plan […]

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Books for Paramedics and EMTs

Find books for the paramedics and EMTs on your shopping list in the Everyday EMS Bookstore. Start with my Top 9 and also check out all of the other books by paramedics. Or if you need a break from shopping take a break with the EMS1 Christmas collection. Need more book ideas. Check out these posts: 15 […]

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What a President Trump Means for Public Safety

The only headline more popular this week than “How the media/pollsters/pundits got the election so wrong” was “What a President Trump means for Industry/Group/Business.” I have collected up the What Does Trump Mean for different public safety branches or groups, mostly from the Praetorian Digital family of websites. If you have other “What Trump means for […]

EMS Education Tips

Video: Cheating in EMS and Fire

I recorded this video interview with Chris Montera at Pinnacle EMS 2010 in Miami for In our conversation we discuss cheating in fire and EMS education, the responsibilities of students and educators, and the implications on content developers. Developing more engaging and interesting educational content often comes at the expense of time and energy […]