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Alternate Posting Location: I need a Jet Suit

I don’t actually need a jet a suit, but it looks pretty cool. At a price of more than $400,000, a jet suit is not likely to be parked in your apparatus bay anytime soon. But that should not keep us from considering the possibilities. Read the full article at It’s a bird. It’s […]


Make Alexa your Ambulance Partner

On a whim – which I rarely have – I purchased the Amazon Echo device through a Prime member pre-purchase offer. I have been enamored with Alexa ever since setting up the device in my kitchen and regularly imagine Alexa (or Google or Siri) as an ambulance partner. Those day dreams, along with everyday use […]


Electronic Patient Care Reports Must Get Better

EMTs and paramedics’ responses to an NAEMT survey on ePCR software points to opportunities to improve usability and training. The survey report, 2017 National Survey on EMS ePCR Usability, describes the factors impacting perception of ePCR usability, the importance of training and the need to train EMS providers toward proficiency. The 18-question survey adapted questions from […]

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How to Get an EMS Writing Assignment

In the last week I have sent an article to (benefits of online education), submitted an article to (The Paramedic Independent Learning Plan) and updated a textbook chapter on Instructional Technology for EMS instructors. I am fortunate that I have reached a point that publishers and editors contact me with requests for articles […]