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Alternate Posting Location: Will we finish early?

The first question asked in nearly every EMS course I have ever participated in is, “Will we finish early?” Read how I respond to the question and related attitude towards learning in a recent column. EMS instructor: 3 ways to handle ‘Will we finish early?’  

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How to Get an EMS Writing Assignment

In the last week I have sent an article to (benefits of online education), submitted an article to (The Paramedic Independent Learning Plan) and updated a textbook chapter on Instructional Technology for EMS instructors. I am fortunate that I have reached a point that publishers and editors contact me with requests for articles […]

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Tips for Teaching CPR Effectively

If you are an aspiring EMS educator or training officer one of the best ways to start is by becoming a CPR instructor. Then teach CPR and standard first aid as often as you can. The repetition will: hone your teaching skills improve your public speaking talent increase your ability to listen and respond to […]

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Top Tips for EMS Educators

I was recently asked to compile a list of top tips for EMS educators. This is the list I came up with: