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The slow steady decline of ambulance to hospital transports is beginning

As we close in on 2020, it’s likely we are about to reach Peak EMS Transports, a term I am co-opting from Peak Oil, a phrase that has been used to describe the date in the future at which the extraction of oil will have reached maximum levels. After Peak EMS, there will be a […]

EMS Tips

EMS Tips – Yes to Glucagon – POTUS says ‘paramedics’ in SOTU – Telemedicine in Jail

1. Glucagon, yes we can! ( Harvard researchers looked at some NEMSIS (ePCR data) and speculated EMTs can’t use glucagon – a medication to treat hypoglycemia. Many EMTs inside (and outside) the U.S. are authorized and trained to administer the ~$200 per dose medication, but treat low blood sugar with food, oral glucose, or prepare […]


Make Alexa your Ambulance Partner

On a whim – which I rarely have – I purchased the Amazon Echo device through a Prime member pre-purchase offer. I have been enamored with Alexa ever since setting up the device in my kitchen and regularly imagine Alexa (or Google or Siri) as an ambulance partner. Those day dreams, along with everyday use […]