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Electronic Patient Care Reports Must Get Better


EMTs and paramedics’ responses to an NAEMT survey on ePCR software points to opportunities to improve usability and training. The survey report, 2017 National Survey on EMS ePCR Usability, describes the factors impacting perception of ePCR usability, the importance of training and the need to train EMS providers toward proficiency.

The 18-question survey adapted questions from the Computer System Usability Questionnaire, an assessment created by IBM in 1993, which is used to assess the usability of computer software. Alexander Garza, MD, led the collection effort and data analysis on behalf of the NAEMT. The results were based on 3,160 completed questionnaires, with nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of the responses coming from paramedics. More than one hundred different software programs from 73 different vendors were reported in the survey, but just six vendors (not identified in the report) were used by 75 percent of the respondents.

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Report: ePCR software has room for improvement