5 Reasons to have a List of EMS Agency Website Visitors

How many visitors come to your EMS agency’s website? Who are those people? Can you email them when you update your website with news, staff promotions, or injury prevention tips? Certainly an up-to-date website is important, but having an ongoing relationship with your website visitors is even more important. Building a list of website visitors […]

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Best Sites for Swine Flu News Coverage

There is an overwhelming amount of information being produced and distributed on the web about Swine Influenza A (H1N1). is an aggregation of timely and credible news sources on swine flu (H1N1). The top swine-flu Alltop feeds are from the CDC. now redirects to Remember to visit for the top paramedic, […]

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Understanding Swine Flu: 10 Resources for Paramedics and EMTS

The spread of swine influenza reports are dominating this morning’s news. The resources available for EMS to understand Swine Influenza development, transmission, treatment, and prevention are growing rapidly.A lot of just-in-time training is happening through emails, bulletins, intranet and blog posts. EverydayEMSTips has compiled a list of resources, information, and websites that will be helpful […]