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Alternative Posting Location: Train for patient lifts and moves

Lifting and moving a patient-loaded stretcher might feel routine for the crew, but it is a novel experience for the patient. Lifting the stretcher into the ambulance should be treated as a high-risk moment for the patient and the crew. Watch this stretcher drop video and then use the Reality Training discussion questions on EMS1 […]

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Understanding Swine Flu: 10 Resources for Paramedics and EMTS

The spread of swine influenza reports are dominating this morning’s news. The resources available for EMS to understand Swine Influenza development, transmission, treatment, and prevention are growing rapidly.A lot of just-in-time training is happening through emails, bulletins, intranet and blog posts. EverydayEMSTips has compiled a list of resources, information, and websites that will be helpful […]

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Bomb Response Training Program

Bombs, Bomb Response, Suicide Bombers is a new and free training program released by the Firefighters Support Foundation, inc. At Everyday EMS Tips we have increasing level of concern for emergency responder safety given the recent increase in active shooter incidents in government buildings, schools, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. According to the website: This […]