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Marathon Running: 3 Lists of 3 Part 2

Three of My Favorite Running Trails in Wisconsin 1. Green Circle Trail, Portage County 2. Inter Urban Trail, Ozaukee 3. UWGB Cofrin Trail, Brown County Three things I talk About Most While Running with other People 1. Running 2. Biking 3. Family Three things I think About Most While Running 1. Math – calculating time […]

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Calculation for Medication Administration

This is a guest app review by David S. Pomerantz, paramedic and educator. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here. As a Paramedic working in Florida I have interacted with many Paramedic students who admit that they want to be a Paramedic, but are concerned with […]

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Reader Tip: Dopamine Calculation

Everyday EMS Tips reader Scott Walker, A.S, NREMT-P submitted this tip for calculating the amount of Dopamine to administer. He writes: This is one of those tools you can use at 2am. This formula only works for 5mcg/kg/min and cannot be adjusted. 1. Take the patients weight in pounds and divide by 10. 2. Then […]