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Reader Tip: Dopamine Calculation

Everyday EMS Tips reader Scott Walker, A.S, NREMT-P submitted this tip for calculating the amount of Dopamine to administer. He writes:

This is one of those tools you can use at 2am. This formula only works for 5mcg/kg/min and cannot be adjusted.
1. Take the patients weight in pounds and divide by 10.
2. Then subtract 2 from that.
3. Use that number with a 60gtt/ml administration set and that will give you 5mcg/kg/min for that patient.

Here is an example:
1. Patient weighs 170 pounds.
2. Divide patient weight by 10.

2. Subtract 2 from 17

3. Set the drip rate at 15 gtts/min to administer 5mcg/kg/min for a 170 pound patient.

Thanks Scott for the submission. Readers send your tips to greg dot friese at everydayemstips dot com.

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