What questions need to be answered when purchasing EMS drugs?

EMTs and paramedics administer numerous drugs, like epinephrine for anaphylaxis, albuterol for asthma, and nitroglycerine for chest pain, to treat life-threatening medical conditions and relieve patient pain. The administration of those drugs is governed by scope of practice rules or statutes and medical director-approved protocols. The decisions of which drug formulations or brands to purchase, […]


Google searches for opioids, narcotics and other drugs

Idea I had for an EMS1 article, well-executed by Alex Bryant, which posted on July 19. Which opioids are Americans Googling the most?  And a slightly different angle on Google searches related to drug withdrawal in the Washington Post. Analysis | What our Google searches reveal about the drug epidemic I can also share that […]

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5 Reasons You Won’t Get a Job as an EMT

Here are five things that will make it really hard to become certified and ever employed as an EMT or paramedic. 1. Felony conviction for abuse Any felony conviction is bad. But a felony conviction for child, sexual or elder abuse makes it especially unlikely you will ever be employed as an EMT. 2. Drug […]

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Video: 5 Minutes on Bath Salts

Outstanding and brief training video on Bath Salts from Paramedic educator Malachi Winters. I also have compiled this post of training programs, resources, and articles about Bath Salts.

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Question: Resources to Learn more about Bath Salts

A reader writes, “I need to create a training program about Bath Salts. Where can I find information to build the training program?” PA DOH Fact Sheet video article article Bath Salts Prompt State Bans JEMS article New Drug Has Dangerous Patient Potential Northeastern Maine EMS Bath Salts Information EMS World article […]

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App Review: Paramedic Quick Reference Guide

This is a guest post by Andrew Spencer, AREMT-I, MIRHC. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. A new app for iPhone with more than 1500 medications for less than the price of a large cup of good coffee? I was skeptical at first but having carried printed […]

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7 EMS iPhone Apps

This is a guest post by Jeanette Kozlowski. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. While iPhones have been known to save a social life or two, who’d a thought you could use the decade’s trendiest gadget to save real lives, too? Inspired by Mashable’s list of “7 […]

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Pharmacology Training Resources for EMS Professionals (#31daysofEMS)

Pharmacology is one of the most interesting topics in EMS, but it requires careful study to understand indications, contraindications, doses, and side effects. Pharmacology also requires patient assessment skills and thorough understanding of your patient care protocols. After a few tips I will share some pharmacology continuing education tips. These are the Everyday EMS tips […]

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3 Ways to Learn More about Risks and Hazards of Meth

Use these Everyday EMS Tips resources to learn more about the risks and hazards of crystal meth. As you probably know meth patients and meth labs pose a significant hazardous materials exposure risk to emergency responders. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that has a severe impact on the central nervous system. Police officers, fire […]


When a Co-Worker is Intoxicated

Have you ever suspected that a co-worker is intoxicated? Has a co-worker boasted to you that they left the bar just a few hours before their shift started? The consequences of an intoxicated employee can be deadly to the person, your patients, and to you. This is what I have done when I suspect a […]